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About us

The main objective of iREG is to disseminate relevant news and improve understanding of developments in the regulation of the economics of essential public and private services, with a view to deepening understanding of the drivers and impacts of a range of public policies and stakeholder engagement in these areas.  We are particularly interested in cross sectoral themes in essential public services. With a bit of luck and focus, we might contribute to more effective policy development in the future as well as stimulating debate between regulators within the network we cover. The range of public policy areas covered by iREG’s activities includes:

  • sectoral regulation in energy, communications, transport (air, rail, road and shipping) and water and financial services (including pensions and payments) and reporting
  • competition policy and law, and it’s application
  • environmental regulation
  • infrastructure development
  • financial regulation, and
  • healthcare and pharmaceuticals regulation.

As well as overarching themes around deregulation and liberalisation, there are a number of sectoral issues and themes we intend to focus on such as:

  • institutional structures and arrangements
  • market governance and rule setting administrative processes
  • developments in regulation, price controls, and compliance
  • the supervision and control of regulatory processes
  • regulatory “successes” and “failures”
  • innovation and disruption
  • distributional impacts of policy
  • risk assessment and control, and
  • the impact of regulation on competition.

As well as this website, we engage regularly on social media. Please follow @iRegNews.

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