Energy groups call for International Centre for AI, Energy and Climate

A coalition of 27 energy groups – including National Grid ESO and Energy UK – have written to the government, stating AI will not only be a “useful tool” but “essential” to decarbonisation efforts.

Sent on 19 August, the letter set out that the opportunity for AI to support the zero-carbon transition is “international”, explaining that it could help to cut global emissions by 4% against business as usual by 2030 while helping to lift global GDP by 4.4%. It will be key to managing an increasingly decentralised, renewables-dominated system with the data it provides. This includes solar and wind forecasting, grid optimisation, battery management and demand response.

However, the regulation of energy systems was cited as a barrier to AI. The coalition called on data-sharing models and market structures to be updated, as well as for the government to support an International Centre for AI, Energy and Climate.

This centre would advise governments on AI-friendly policy frameworks and data access; facilitate the involvement of the machine learning community in the energy sector; provide bespoke innovation funding to accelerate deployment; and support and develop the growing ecosystem of start-ups in the space.