IntraFlex Innovation project calls for expressions of interest

Western Power Distribution (WPD) is looking to trial services under its IntraFlex Innovation project, with it inviting potential participants to register their interest.

Since November, the project has been working to understand and reduce the impact of DNO flexibility services on the wider electricity market. It has been doing this by operating closer to real time procurement of flexibility on the NODES marketplace and creating more links to the supply market. With the market design now refined, WPD said it was now keen to understand the market appetite for trialling the services. This, it explained, would help it to understand both the viability of the trial along with potential locations.

The trial would be split into two phases. The first phase would focus on the closer to real time markets, while the second would look at additional services to reduce impact on the supply market. The initial phase is expected to run from August to September, before phase two commences in spring 2021.

WPD noted participants should expect a similar value proposition to that available through Flexible Power – between £1.5-6k per MW over the duration of the project. The trial is open to existing Flexible Power participants as well as new flexibility providers who can provide a reduction in demand or increase in generation.

Expressions of interest are invited by 25 March 2020.