Ofgem issues Modernising Energy Data update

Ofgem is currently investigating the best approach to deliver the three enabling recommendations from the recent Energy Data Taskforce (EDTF) report.

The regulator confirmed in its Modernising Energy Data Update on 20 August that it was examining how to establish a Data Catalogue, an Asset Registration Strategy and a unified Digital System Map of the energy system, as proposed by the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC). The Data Catalogue would provide visibility through standardised metadata of energy system datasets across government, Ofgem and industry. It said industry participation should be mandated through regulatory and policy frameworks. The asset registration strategy, meanwhile, would coordinate registration of energy assets, simplifying the experience for consumers to increase registration compliance, improve the reliability of data and efficiency of data collection. A digital system map would increase visibility of system infrastructure and assets, leading to optimisation of investment and informing the creation of new markets.

Part of Ofgem’s approach to delivering these recommendations is learning whether foundational work to support them might appropriately be delivered through innovation funding. It is also engaging with existing professional users of energy data – and those that wish to work with energy data – to ensure its facilitation is done in a way that best meets their needs as they work for energy consumers.

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