UKPN delivers first picture of V2G around the world

There are over 60 vehicle-to-grid (V2G) projects live around the world, according to research carried out by UK Power Networks (UKPN).

On 2 December, it revealed the website, V2G Hub, that has gathered a complete picture of V2G projects in a bid to support industry collaboration. It was jointly commissioned by UKPN as part of its Transpower project alongside Innovate UK, while consultancies, EVConsult and Everoze, have helped to deliver it.

Overall, 65 projects have been identified in 15 countries across four continents. V2G Hub includes detailed information on each, along with insights into the market and the opportunity for people to publish information regarding their own electric vehicle (EV) project. Among those included are a Japanese project aiming to deliver 4,000 charge points and plans to make the Portuguese island of Porto Santo completely fossil-free.

Marco Landi, V2G and EV lead at Innovate UK, said: “There is an increasing industry interest around V2G, due to both advantages for customers and the whole energy system. Innovate UK is at the forefront of V2G innovation: together with BEIS and OLEV we launched in the UK what is currently the most ambitious programme of real-world V2G trial in the world, with more than 2500 EVs involved.”

UKPN   V2G Hub